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IPG Media Lab

Sitting next to us in our New York office are our friends at the IPG Media Lab.

Need to create an App so customers can use their voice to order your products on Amazon Echo?
Wondering where your brand fits within a driverless car?
How about creating an immersive Virtual Reality experience?
Perhaps you want to push the boundaries of dynamic creative and API integration?
Or you’re wondering which start-ups and announcements you should pay attention to?

The Lab’s single focus is to find new ways to solve problems by applying the latest technology to marketing challenges through custom-tailored, client-led experiments. We start with talking to our clients and identifying their challenges, and then determine how to use emerging technology to solve that problem. We find successful solutions that are then implemented into the real world and utilized for all to see.

So what exactly is “The Lab” and what do we do? Our team is comprised of marketers, engineers, and creative talents who are tasked with creating new solutions every day. There is never a dull moment. More specifically, our work consists of the following:

Client Specific Initiatives
We are contracted directly by brands as an innovation consultancy. Yeah, we said that. But seriously, from projects, to workshops to strategy, we are there, in the trenches with great brands.

Agency Consulting Services
We work with various agencies to help them enhance their offerings. This may include providing curated client tours of our 4000 sq ft space in New York where they can see and experience every latest technology and see how it may relate to their business objectives.

Scouting & Partnerships
From CES to Comic-con, we are there, to understand what is new and how we can work with it. Working directly with manufacturers and engineers allows us to better understand a product, its roadmap, and how it can be used to solve our clients’ challenges. We know what’s on the horizon in terms of tech and create exclusive partnerships that give our clients the edge.

Media Consulting
We work with the leading publishers and content providers on monetization and new offering strategies. We test and trial new products, and work with publishers on creating innovative new solutions to address client demands.

Every day we scour for news and share our best discoveries via editorial and video. We don’t just pass it on – we dissect, critique and articulate the impact for individual clients.

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