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Ansible’s close siblings include Mubaloo and The IPG Media Lab.

Our Group

Our global capabilities stretch beyond mobile marketing to include enterprise specialist divisions and innovation-focused Labs.

Mubaloo is the UK’s leading enterprise mobile firm. They invest in developing for and researching the most innovative mobile technologies to provide our clients with market-leading mobile solutions. With location-based targeting and IoT’s growing influence on the enterprise, Mubaloo’s MiBeacons division specialises in location-based technologies.

The IPG Media Lab is based in New York and occupies over 4000sqm to showcase the breadth of technology available for clients. Whether it’s drones, VR/AR, second-screen experiences, dynamic creative or apps for Amazon Echo we’ve done it. The Lab’s CES tours are famous in the industry with a long waitlist. The team from the Lab is on the bleeding edge of what’s next. What they’re doing now, you’ll likely hear talked about in the mainstream in around 6 months’ time.

Within the broader IPG Group we can bring extensive expertise in all facets of marketing communications, whether you need content creation, deep research and analytics, SEO and digital performance marketing we can help in a cohesive and coordinated way.

Fewer points of contact for you, and more synergies between your partners.

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