What are Ansible’s capabilities?

Ansible provides the full suite of mobile marketing solutions and services, ranging from;

  • Mobile media planning, buying and analytics
  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Concept ideation: Creative Design & UX
  • Development of Mobile Websites & Applications
  • Mobile Marketing tools:
    – Standard and Rich-Media advertising, video, sponsorship’s, integration etc
    – QR Codes, Image recognition solutions
    – Augmented Reality
    – NFC
    – SMS / MMS outbound communication
    – Gamification
  • Trade Marketing:
    – SMS & IVR entry / voting mechanics
    – Terms & Conditions & Permit approval management
  • Content creation and adaptation – wallpapers, ringtones, games

Why use Ansible for mobile media buying?

Ansible will help you navigate the complex and growing mobile media ecosystem. We will apply previous learnings and case studies to benchmark performance and help select the right partners. We also have access to the discounted rates and will consolidate recommendations.
Ansible will also provide complete measurement and optimization for campaigns and integrate with other digital and campaign efforts.

What publishers/sites will my ads be on?

Ansible will provide a list of what each publisher provides and the type of executions they will provide as part of a campaign.

When would you build an APP versus when you build a MOBILE SITE?

Applications are best for:

  • Solutions which require High performance, Quality and Speed of content delivery For eg: Slicker transitions & immediate interactivity: great for games
  • Regular / frequent user interaction (Utility services). If there is an on-going relationship with the brand / service, and app is usually preferred
  • Monetization: charge for download & install
  • Working offline
  • Better use of hardware: gyroscope, camera, accelerometer etc
  • Immediate communication: using Push notifications

Mobile Websites are best for:

  • Maximum audience reach: No platform restrictions
  • Instant content / creative updates
  • High discoverability in search
  • Fast turn-around times: no approvals required
  • Short term engagement solutions
  • Lower barrier to usage: no need to download or install

What is a responsive website?

It is a website design technique that allows you to create a single website that will adapt to the device on which it’s being viewed, whether it’s a laptop, smartphone or tablet. A site built with responsive design will automatically resize for different devices.

Its’ not a specifically-created mobile website, so what’s best?

A responsive site can be the right solution, e.g. for conventional content sites, but generally speaking a mobile website is better for complex, performance critical and high traffic interfaces or where you want to create a specific experience on mobile.

Responsive is good for:

  • Economy in maintenance – one code to look after
  • No need to manage device detection and re-direction
  • Ensuring content parity with online

Specific Mobile website is good for:

  • A tailored mobile experience
  • Lighter/faster mobile sites
  • Optimum architecture and layout for mobile devices – not just long pages
  • Design for mobile usage and scenarios – i.e. when you don’t want the same experience as the website

I’ve heard about HTML5 – what is it?

HTML5 is not a single thing or piece of technology.

It is a collection of API’s that allows developers to build mobile ‘web apps’ that can look and behave similar to native applications. It brings a sexier multi-media experience to the web.

HTML5 includes the 5th version of the HTML mark-up language CSS3 and a series of JavaScript API’s. Coupled with the smartphones capabilities, these technologies are giving us the foundation to create complex and interactive experiences on mobile that previously would only have been available for desktop / PC

What can it do? Anything graphical!

  • Lighting & Shadows
  • Reflection
  • Rich textures that result in realistic composition
  • Amazing 3D graphics and special effects

Not to mention the tap, pinch and swipe behavior:

  • Tap to change colour / shape / size
  • Tap to smash
  • Drag and Drop
  • Just to name a few….

What’s the next step?

If you are thinking about developing an app, or would simply like to discuss your mobile strategy, please feel free to contact us.