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Pixels The Movie
Mobile Ad Campaign


Utilize the power of mobile, to educate and excite the young, and not so young on the upcoming ‘invasion’ of Pixels movie in Australia – In doing so creating a fun perception and desire to view the “Pixels” movie, especially over opening weekend.


As CTR’s of digital ads are falling, we needed to find a creative and interactive way to engage users on mobile. In line with the overall campaign strategy of ‘Pixels invade Australia’, we focused on behaviors unique to Mobile to craft an effective, unique and interactive ad unit that would excite, engage and in doing so educate viewers.

We know that users ‘consume’ ads with more than their eyes, so we utilized the power of action to interact with consumers.

Creatively we took over the homepage, blocking the content with a unique, semi-transparent layer of translucent blue pixels. Before the user could read on, they had to clear the pixels by shaking or tapping their phone. Adding this very tactile gamification element gave the viewer a chance to engage in a way both the parents and children enjoyed.

Around the release date of “Pixels” we booked mobile homepage takeovers on ninemsn & The Fix and literally invaded Australia pixel by pixel.


The campaign engagement was 1,368% higher than industry average, with over 53% of consumers engaged with the ad and time spent interacting with the ad was over 1 minute, 128% higher than industry average.

The campaign, focusing on the unique benefits of mobile, enabled Pixels to connect, engage, and provide a unique and fun brand experience for consumers.

When was the last time almost 1/3 of your target engaged with your ad for over 1 minute?

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