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Beach Defense


While Neutrogena is the #1 sun care brand in the off-season, the brand drops to #3 during the critical peak season May-August. It was necessary for the brand to develop a product that was designed to deliver superior protection that can appeal to the whole family and help Neutrogena to continue to be a leader.

Ansible was tasked to develop an integrated campaign to raise awareness and drive trial for the new sun care line, Beach Defense, and switch recreational oriented sun care consumers from competitors.


Ansible created a campaign around leveraging UV index data combined with consumer locations to target users in relevant areas such as parks, beaches, pools, and recreational areas when the UV index was 6+ to ensure relevant messaging. The dynamic banners, which included coupon offers, were shown across relevant content and directed users to the nearest target location driving in-store purchase.

Rather than running the campaign on mobile weather apps, the brand sought to deliver its Neutrogena Beach Defense ads only when the sun was shining, and concentrate the creative in ideal locations during the day when sun protection is top of mind. By combining weather and location cues, the brand could adapt to real-time triggers, only targeting its audience at appropriate times.


The campaign was one of the first in the industry to utilize weather targeting without limiting the choices of where the brand could advertise. More importantly, it was successful in launching the new Beach Defense brand into a highly competitive category.

Within the first few months of launch, the mobile campaign exceeded expectations –

  • Awareness of Neutrogena Beach Defense increased from zero to 63 percent
  • Purchase intent rose 43 percent

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