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The Australian automotive industry is pressured by the ever increasing threat of consumer empowerment. The opportunity to convert a sale used to rely on the strength of the dealership, but in the last ten years, the average number of dealership visits has declined from 5 to just 1.6. Greater ‘at home’ research means that consumers only visit the dealership of the car they’re most interested in, to seal the deal.

For Hyundai – this challenge was matched by one from the industry itself. Up against entry-level marques, and a staid ‘cheap’ perception…Hyundai was falling out of topline consideration. Without the opportunity of the traditional dealer visit to prove its worth, Hyundai’s sales were starting to suffer.



We knew that consumers would only test drive cars they had pretty much already decided on…and…60% of all car shoppers research on their mobile devices, using their smartphone as a key to negotiation.

We digitally mapped Mazda, Toyota, and Hyundai dealers across Australia using hyper-targeted polygon mapping connected to the phone’s GPS. This created a powerful target: people who were physically in, or had been into a competitive dealership. We displayed targeted deals and an intuitive ad unit drive-away calculator – shortening the steps from consideration to test drive.

Mobile GPS tracking let us track the movement of users between dealerships, allowing us to measure the ad unit’s impact on converting a user across to Hyundai from a competitor dealer. This data ID was then smartly extended to re-target consumers.



By putting Hyundai into consideration at that crucial purchase moment, we were able to shift brand perceptions.

The post campaign media results were extremely positive. By mapping the locations of 115 Mazda, 282 Toyota, and 152 Hyundai dealerships, we achieved:

• A click-through-rate 50% higher than the industry average.
• 815,000 unique eyeballs viewing the ad unit.
• 41,000 people reconsidering Hyundai as an option.

By hitting consumers in the most crucial decision-making step, we were able to steal 11,000 people from our key competitors – Mazda & Toyota.

Our solution not only overcame the brand issue of getting on the consideration set, but the category issue of declined dealer visitations.


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