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Teenagers are an often hard to reach audience using traditional media – Over summer, they are out and about enjoying life, spending a lot of time interacting with their friends both in the real world (and online) and typically shy away from let alone engage with, traditional advertising. Across summer, Coke are always looking for new ways to connect with, and be close to teens whilst they are out and about, enjoying their everyday summer moments.


Teenagers are a typically hard to reach audience, but by putting mobile at the heart of the campaign we could bring Coke into their summer, wherever they are. To create something that teens would engage with, Ansible Australia leveraged their love of gaming, school holidays and combined them with their permanently attached mobile phone.

To make a moment come alive, we recognized that Coke needed to be present in that moment. Combining both the strength of mobile and Out of home media, we created a light-hearted, interactive experience for teens. The game lets teens turn their phone into a controller that connects remotely to an OOH panel as the game screen, to play to win icy cold cans of coke – dispensed directly from the OOH panel.

We installed these OOH panels in 11 locations across 3 cities, only in places relevant to a teen’s summer including Pitt St. Mall in Sydney and Melbourne Central Station. The exciting challenge to win the game was only fueled further by the chance to win an icy cold can of Coke, dispensed immediately from the digital OOH panel upon winning. Creating instant rewards like this excited and enhanced the experience, and literally put Coke into the summer moment.


Across two weeks, we had over 3,976 teens throw over 22,434 ice cubes from their phones to win 2,368 icy cold cans of coke. Whilst also building an engaged re-targeting pool for ongoing summer campaigns.

With an average dwell time of 11:42 minutes and 56% of teens playing multiple times, who said your phone and an outdoor panel couldn’t put product in the hands of consumers?

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