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Champion of Movement


BENGAY is a topical pain reliever that has been around for more than 100 years. As its core consumer base aged, the brand needed to attract a younger audience to ensure it stayed relevant.

Prior to this campaign BENGAY was stigmatized as “the old man cream,” and the brand’s share was declining in a category that was growing. “Championing Movement in the Moment” sought to connect with active Millennials and position the brand as the “Champion of Movement” to drive purchase and loyalty.


The intended audience included prospective BENGAY users during their fitness routines, particularly focusing on the elusive millennial audience. Smartphones have become the preferred health and fitness device of today’s active athletic consumers. BENGAY knew mobile could not only reach its target audience at the precise moment of brand relevance, but help connect with consumers in ways not possible with other media.

Through an innovative partnership with kiip, Ansible was able to showcase BENGAY in mobile moments of personal fitness achievement like finishing a run or yoga session through native integrations with fitness applications. The partnership with Kiip enabled BENGAY to celebrate each user’s accomplishment, rewarding them with a free mp3 download to encourage their next workout session. This strategy sought to position BENGAY as the solution to relieving post-workout soreness.


Campaign was highly successful in reaching relevant audience segments and became a part of their “natural habitat” during workout without any disruption. It delivered more than 1.8 million BENGAY-branded congratulatory messages and over 100,000 reward redemptions — over one reward redeemed every minute during the entire campaign.

There was a 70% increase in ad awareness and 38% increase in purchase intent showing significant impact in the market and shattering previous CPG mobile advertising benchmarks.

The results solidified BENGAY as a brand that can speak to the mobile-savvy audience, giving the brand more room to innovate and utilize technology in the future.

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